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Hatha Yoga

Classes labeled Hatha tend to move at a slower pace. We will focus on the breath and hold poses a little longer than in a vinyasa flow style class. Hatha yoga is well suited for beginners because it gives the student more time to investigate what the pose requires. That said, hatha is also perfect for more advanced students; holding postures longer is an incredible way to build strength and focus.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means postures are organized in an intelligent design or sequence. In our vinyasa classes, postures are linked together with the breath specifically to build strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. The breath is critical to building awareness in the body and mind. Options for flowing or resting will be given so students can make the practice fit their needs. A vinyasa class may not be the best choice for a student who is recovering from an injury or has trouble moving easily from floor to standing and vice versa. Gentle or hatha yoga might be a better choice.

A vinyasa level 2 class is best for students who have a general understanding of basic yoga postures and deeper level of awareness of how their bodies move.

Gentle Yoga

Focusing on the breath, students are led through gentle postures and slower sequences to help find the connection between mind and body and deepen their awareness. Options are given throughout the class to help the practitioner find the right fit for the posture in their body. Class ends with a deeper emphasis on relaxation.